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·         10/14/2010 The Payment Agency for Rural Development and Fishing (APDRP) has announced through a press release that the session for the submission of projects related to Measure 125 - "Improvement and development of agricultural and forestry infrastructure“ , scheduled for the period of the October 15– November 15, 2010, was postponed for the period of  2nd  - 31st  of December, 2010.

·         10/5/2010 Progress Advisory Romania will participate on 21st-22nd of October at the seminar "Certification of Public Institutions in accordance with ISO 9001:2008" which will be held in Bucharest. Our consultants will present solutions for financing the projects that are implementing quality management systems for public institutions. We wait for you!

·         09/24/2010 Our company, Progress Advisory Romania, will participate on 28/09/2010, as the presenter of financing solutions for public institutions, at the seminar "Certification of Public Institutions in accordance with ISO 9001:2008". This seminar will provide information about the benefits of implementation and certification of this standard and the latest news in this area. The meeting will take place in Timisoara, Hotel Timisoara, London hall, starting at 10.00. We wait for you!

·         08/23/2010 To receive professional answers to your questions regarding the projects financed from EU funds in agriculture, our company, Progress Advisory Romania, together with its partner ProCredit Bank and with a dealer in agricultural equipments, invite you to attend the session "SOLUTIONS FOR PROFIT”, which will present: the opportunities offered by funding programs, project stages, instruments of co-financing share of the beneficiary. The meeting will take place on 2nd September 2010 in Cluj-Napoca, Location Cluj City Center, St. Dorobantilor no 14-16, in the Conference room floor, starting with 14.45, with a duration of 2 hours and 30 min. There is no participation fee. Please confirm your presence until the 1st of September 2010, at phone number 0725-521687 or by e-mail: office@progres-adv.ro.

      We wait for you!

·         08/06/2010 To view the catalog of grant funding sources - June 2010, financed by EU and Romanian Government, click here . Source; ADR Center.

·         03/30/2010 Consultants accuse the fast changing rules of European funding. See details.

·         02/16/2010 Consultants Association for Accessing the EU funds in Romania has launched a guide that summarizes the major barriers in accessing grants and offers solutions to increase the absorption of EU funds in Romania. Free guide here.

·         01/25/2010 As we promised, we are back with the second stage of the Information Campaign and support to increase the absorption capacity of funds, namely:



In order to be approved and funded, a project must be properly prepared according  to the financing guide's requests.


In most cases, applicants lose funding or they are exposed to extra costs for the preparation and submission of certain documents, due to an inadequate initial preparation of the project.


To avoid these unwanted and costly situations, the following steps are required:

1. Analysis of the eligibility conditions, both for the applicant and for the  project activities

2. Score's calculation and identifying solutions to increase its maximum level

3. Verification of project eligibility and scoring calculation with intermediate bodies, through a written correspondence with them

4. Preparation of the documentation for funding under  the guideline requirements (content, numbering, signing, stamping, etc.).



In order to prepare and develop a project, an entity needs both a team of specialized consultants and

a team of techincal specialists.


The contracting of these two types of services must be conditioned by the regulations of GO

34/2006, amended and supplemented by specific legislation and services, such as GD 28 January



Achieving the results established by the project, the cost efficiency or the execution period during

the project are determined by a close and constructive relationship with the design team and / or



Therefore,  we recommend contracting the design services, both for the feasibility study phase and for the engineering phase; the consulting services must be contracted for both preparation and submission for project funding and implementation.

According to HG 28/2008, Feasability Study Design phase includes:
- Topographical study, conducted in 70 STEREO coordinates system, endorsed by OCPI;
- Geotechnical study including drilling fiches;
- Technical expertise, if necessary;
- Feasibility study or the approval documentation of interventions, depending on the nature of the proposed investment (this part includes: technical description, drawings and the cost-benefit analysis);

If the elaborator of the feasibility study is not able to prepare the cost-benefit analysis, it must be contracted separately and subtracted from the price of the Feasibility Study.

Preparing the documentation required for obtaining the Certificate of Urbanism is a task for the elaborator of the Feasibility Study.

It is recommended that all the chapters listed above to be included  in the design services contract.

It is also recommended that the payment of consulting and design services to be conditioned by the project's administrative and eligibility compliance (verification at the location of project's implementation).


Both teams of consultants and designers have the duty to support the beneficiary throughout the project’s selection verification and they should make additions / changes when necessary for the submitted documentation.

Consulting and design costs are eligible up to a maximum of 10% of the project's eligible value. Including these costs in the project's budget is required, otherwise the beneficiary will have to bear those costs.